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Unlike other dating sites, mydatingconnection.com does not force users into a several month commitment or high monthly membership fee. Instead, it allows users to only pay when they want to connect with someone. These Connections cost $1 each. This allows users to say goodbye to those high monthly membership fees in favor of a pay-as-you-go model!

Browsing Is Free!

With My Dating Connection, members are able to set up profiles, browse other members, and respond to messages absolutely free of charge! Instead of paying expensive monthly fees, members only need to buy connections to reach out to people they want to connect with.

Purchasing Connections Is Cheap!

Members that want to take initiative to reach out to other members simply need to purchase connections. Connections start at just $1 each. Connection bundles are also available:
  • -Buy 5 Connections, Get 1 Connection Free (20% Bonus)
  • -Buy 10 Connections, Get 3 Connections Free (30% Bonus)
  • -Buy 15 Connections, Get 8 Connections Free (53% Bonus - Best Value!)

You Can Even Get Connection Insurance!

How Does Connection Insurance Work?

In the event that you use a Connection to reach out to another MDC Member that does not respond in 7 days, you will have the ability to file a claim and receive credit for the connection used to contact the other Member. Having Connection Insurance guarantees a response or your money back!

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