The Do's and Don'ts of Online Dating – How to successfully meet people online
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Online dating should be fun, and it certainly shouldn't feel like a chore! You want to meet someone, and whether it's your soulmate or simply someone to spend Saturday night with, your search should feel more like an enjoyable treasure hunt than a complicated corn maze. At, we believe that everyone searching for love deserves to be in the driver's seat, and we want your experience to be as enjoyable as possible. Want to experience how it feels to have an online dating experience that is driven by you? Try our unique pay-as-you-go model and forget about monthly membership fees, and start truly enjoying your search.

To make your dating search as simple and enjoyable as possible we've compiled a list of do's and don'ts of online dating. Check it out, and check us out at Why not try an online dating experience that is more flexible and more enjoyable? Start making connections with today!

DO put yourself out there

You're ready to meet someone. Even if you have tried online dating sites before and been disappointed, you're not giving up yet. Online dating can work, and it can work for you. Maybe there used to be a stigma around online dating, but the simple fact is that more relationships start online than ever before! Try an all new experience that offers more flexibility and freedom than you have seen with online dating before. What do you have to lose?

DON'T be afraid to take a chance

You may be looking for someone to make a commitment to, but you don't need to make a commitment to your dating site! With's user-friendly model, there are no contracts and no monthly fees. So instead of paying a flat monthly fee that may or may not yield any results, with you only pay to reach out to people you're interested in meeting! Think about it… This is your life to live, seize this moment and don't let old fears make you hesitate.

DO make a good impression, with a good first message

The first message you send someone is your chance to make a great first impression. Get it right and you may be on your way to a first date. When writing your first message, keep it light and simple. Be friendly, but not overly forward. And you don’t need to depend on a compliment to impress. Try asking a question based on their online profile, and follow the question with a comment about yourself. Your first message says a lot about you, make it count!

DON'T rush into anything too quickly

The search for love can be long, and patience is key. Some of us have a long journey before we are lucky enough to find a truly meaningful connection. When you make a connection, especially an online connection, take your time and don't feel compelled to rush into anything. Get to know the other person, and see how things develop over time.

DO keep an open mind

Who knows what your future holds? Ask anyone who has found love, and most will tell you they were surprised by where they found it! Keep an open mind to the connections that present themselves, and embrace that openness as you move through your search.

DON'T let your dating site take control

In your search for love, you should be in the driver's seat. A dating website should facilitate your connections, not dictate them, and you should be the one to tell the dating site who you want to connect with. With, you have the control, and the ultimate user-friendly online dating experience is at your fingertips.

DO try an all new way to find love, with!

Only with will you find the flexibility to pay-as-you-go, only pay for the connections you make and never have a monthly membership fee. We want you to find the person you are looking for, and we want you to have a fun and enjoyable time while you search. Keep these Do's and Don'ts in mind, and dive into a whole new online dating experience. Check out today to get started!

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