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So you’ve connected with someone special, and you want to take that big leap and meet for your first date? Congratulations! This phase of a relationship’s journey is so exciting, everything is so new and the future is wide open. Embrace the unknown and dive fully into that first date! Dating should be fun, so if you’re tired of the same old neighborhood bar and local restaurants you’ve been to too many times, here are three simple ideas for a great first date, courtesy of

1. Enjoy a three-course meal… at three different places

A first date is a special occasion, and we wouldn't blame you if you wanted to keep it pretty traditional. After all, you can't go wrong with a nice three-course dinner, right? Well, we're not going to call you boring, but let us give you a nudge out of your comfort zone. How about this: a three course dinner, at three different locations. Try a drink and appetizer at the trendy, always-busy new hipster spot in their neighborhood. A little too loud to hear each other? Take a short stroll over to that well-reviewed restaurant you've been wanting to try, where you can share an entree and enjoy the conversation. Finish the evening by visiting a sweets shop to fill up a bag of candy and treats, or an ice cream shop where you can each pick your favorite toppings, and enjoy your sweet treat together.

Indulge the senses at a street fair or festival

New, interesting smells, live music, unfamiliar foods… what could be a more stimulating first date experience than a street fair or festival? There will be no awkward lulls in conversation or lack of things to talk about when you are surrounded by the sights, smells and sounds of an outdoor fair atmosphere. A music festival or art and wine festival? Great choices for a fun first date. Even a farmer’s market can be a great choice, as the two of you sample new flavors, discuss your favorites, and find your commonalities. Take your date out into the fresh air, surround yourselves with the buzz and chatter of a good time all around, and see how fun a first date can be.

Get Outside and Get the Adrenaline pumping!

Like the idea of taking it outside? Take it a step further and consider planning a fun first date that revolves around getting physical and breaking a sweat. Taking a hike can be a great choice for a first date, especially if you choose a hike that leads to a rewarding, beautiful vista at the end. Work up a sweat, and get to know each other as you conquer the trail. How about rock climbing? Visiting a rock wall can be a challenging and exhilarating experience. Support each other, as you each work to attain new heights. Have you tried kayaking or stand up paddleboarding? These on-the-water activities are really fun, but not super demanding, so you can still hold a conversation with your date as you stroke across the water. Archery, cornhole, frisbee, ziplining… it doesn’t have to be a hard workout or an intense exercise, just get outside with your date and get moving! You’ll be amazed at how good it feels.

Ready to start planning that first date? At, it is our job to help facilitate your connections, so you can find the special relationship you are searching for. And once you make that connection, we want you to feel great about moving forward with meeting and dating that special person. Try one of our first date ideas and see how you can take your connection to the next level! Visit today to get started.

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